How Exercise Benefits Your Brain as You Age

Posted by Teresa Whitcomb on 11/16/17 11:30 AM

We all know that regular exercise has significant physical benefits including things like improved cardiovascular function, better balance, increased strength and weight loss.  But, did you know that you can also exercise your way to a better brain? Read on for all the ways exercise benefits your brain health – from preventing cognitive decline, improving memory and more.

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Considering Physical Therapy in Bucks County? Visit Cornerstone Physical Therapy Associates

Posted by Alex Stiverson, PT, DPT on 11/9/17 10:30 AM

Cornerstone Physical Therapy, with offices within Cornerstone Club’s Doylestown and New Hope locations, provides comprehensive physical therapy services. We get many questions regarding how to start physical therapy.  Our mission is to help our patients move better and decrease pain to better maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. We are here to help you get back to living! 

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Pressed for Time? Try Group Active, one of the Best Fitness Classes in Bucks County

Posted by Michael Strouse on 11/2/17 11:26 AM



Last week, I brought my husband to a Group Power class for the first time. As I sat in the car on the way over, I realized just how I felt before going to my first class. No matter how experienced an exerciser you are, trying something new can be scary!

This brings me to the newest class offered in Cornerstone’s New Hope and Doylestown locations - Group Active – because of its success in our Warrington club! This simple, full body workout is perfect for everyone! Here’s why:

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Meditation and Breathing Basics

Posted by Erin Lento on 10/30/17 11:26 AM

Did you know that right now, you already have everything you need to help reduce your stress? That’s right - at this very moment you already have the tools needed to reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, increase your energy, and decrease feelings of being overwhelmed simply with the power of your breath and the focus of your mind! Read on to learn simple steps to begin practicing meditation and conscious breathing.

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Oncology Massage Therapy and Spa Specials for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Posted by Melinda Drellich on 10/19/17 11:33 AM

massage has amazing benefits especially when you are going through highly stressful times.

Hearing the words “you have breast cancer” changes everything in a split second. The emotions that flow through you are endless.  Fear, anger, anxiety, helplessness, sadness - the list goes on.

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Fall Fitness in Bucks County: 5 Best Places to Hike

Posted by Teresa Whitcomb on 10/12/17 12:20 PM

Jogging in Washington State Park

Fall is my favorite season. When the leaves start turning colors and the daily temperatures become cooler and more comfortable, I tend to reflect on how grateful I am to live in an area with such abundant, beautiful and accessible outdoor recreational areas.  Before the days grow short and very cold, you might want to consider digging out your hiking shoes and spending a few glorious hours admiring the foliage in one of our spectacular local parks. Whether taking some time for yourself to reflect while enjoying nature or grabbing the kids for a fun and active family outing, you have plenty of choices within a short driving distance to choose from. Here are 5 best parks for fall fitness in Bucks County. Take a hike and enjoy the scenery!

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