Why Try Pilates? Benefits and Balance for Your Back, Core and More

Posted by Teresa Whitcomb on 9/22/17 10:18 AM

Pilates started out as a rehabilitation program for injured people.

Pilates is a system of exercise named after its creator, Joseph Pilates. During World War I, Joseph created a rehabilitation program for injured people using whatever equipment he could find, usually bedsprings that he rigged for exercise resistance.  Over time, he refined his system and created the program that we recognize today.

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How Spa Facials Help Prevent Aging in Your 20s, 30s, 40s and Beyond

Posted by Trang Calafati on 9/14/17 10:45 AM

Facials at Cornerstone Spa are beneficial for any age, 20s, 30s, 40s and up.

Getting a facial once a month is a beneficial way to nourish your soul and skin and dramatically improve your appearance. Your skin is as important as any of your organs, so you need to make sure you take care of it.

The best of contemporary skin treatments are all included in professional spa facials. These treatments generally include steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels, massages, and tools to give you smooth, supple skin.

Let’s look at WHY spa facials help prevent aging of our skin, decade by decade.

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Water Exercise and Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Classes in Bucks County

Water aerobics is for more than seniors. It helps a wide range of physical problems.

When you hear the term “water exercise,” what do you picture? Most people will envision older people floating around and socializing, and don’t know that water fitness has many benefits for people of all ages and all ability levels.

While water exercise is gaining popularity with athletes, it remains true that it is most popular with older adults, those nursing injuries, and people suffering from arthritis and similar chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis.

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Back-to-School Spa Specials at Cornerstone

Posted by Teresa Whitcomb on 8/31/17 9:03 AM

The start of school can be a hectic time for mom.

September is often a hectic time. For those with younger children, school shopping, sports, homework, conferences and all the chaos that comes with the start of school add stress to life. For those with college-age kids, packing up the mini fridge, books, clothes and electronics and saying “goodbye” brings a different kind of stress. And for those without children living at home? Everyday life comes with its own chronic stresses, whether from work, family obligations or physical injury or illness.

Often, the last person that we make time for is our self. But, you can’t be any good to others if you aren’t good to yourself first. 

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FitKids Afterschool Program at Cornerstone

Posted by Teresa Whitcomb on 8/24/17 10:45 AM

Keep your kids off the couch with a after school program from Cornerstone Clubs.

Couch. Potato.  Taken separately, these are two good things. But, put them together?  Not so much!  In the United States, we are on the verge of the perfect storm when it comes to physical inactivity and our kids.  The rise of cell phones, video gaming and streaming has occurred just as physical education in schools has been on the decline.  As a result, our young people are becoming dangerously less active.

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Morning FitKids Program for Preschoolers at Cornerstone

Posted by Joy Darreff on 8/17/17 11:45 AM

Start kids early on a healthy lifestyle routine to build that healthy foundation for the future. Let Cornerstone Clubs help.Many parents ask me how they can help their child build a healthy lifestyle. My answer is - make it FUN! Recent research shows that one out of five children in this country is obese. Research also shows that the more active a child is at an early age, the more likely they will maintain a higher activity level throughout their lifetime. Children also learn social skills in relating to other children during “active” playtime. All of this research ties into the basis of our Morning FitKids Program for preschoolers at Cornerstone - having fun while making their heart say “Thank You!”

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